Wednesday, 14 August 2013

IBM BPM - TeamWorksConfiguration.running.xml

This has caught me out several times in recent weeks.

TeamWorksConfiguration.running.xml is a fabulously useful file, as it provides one with the current state of a running IBM BPM environment, including all the configuration changes from 00Static.xml, 80Database.xml, 99Local.xml, 100Custom.xml etc.

For me, the file is found at the App Server profile level, in config/cells/nodes/servers: -



However, the key thing that I learned to my cost is ….

If one performs a Full Resynchronize of the WAS cell, the file gets removed.

This is because it's part of the node-level configuration, and a full resync. deletes all the Node configuration files and then replaces them from the Deployment Manager, from whence the cell is managed.

TeamWorksConfiguration.running.xml is absolutely, definitely a run-time file, which only ever exists at the Node level ( it's created by the AppTarget cluster which hosts the BPMN run-time and, if available, the PDW application/cluster )

Bottom line, if you ever sync. your nodes during normal operation, expect TeamWorksConfiguration.running.xml to disappear until the next time you restart your cluster(s)

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