Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Process Designer to Process Center - More Fun, This Time with JMS QCF and TCF resources

Following on from my earlier post: -

I realised that the issue that I was seeing with Process Designer > Process Center communication was also down to the JMS configuration within my WAS cell.

As mentioned, PD uses HTTP to get the endpoint, and then uses JMS for much of the rest of the work.

For this, we have both Queue connection factories (QCF) and Topic connection factories (TCF).

Both need to be configured to reflect the proper hostname of the endpoint i.e. that of the Process Center, and this needs to be resolvable from client (PD) to server (PC).

These are configured in the WAS console, via Resources > JMS > Queue Connection Factories / Topic Connection Factories.

There are five QCF resources: -

and a corresponding five TCF resources: -

In my case, all ten are wrong in one subtle way: -

I needed to change: -


to: -

where 7289 is the SIB_ENDPOINT_SECURE_ADDRESS for the Messaging Engine (JMS) cluster.

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