Monday, 19 July 2010

One Note Database = OND - This might just save your life one day ( well, kinda )

One of my Hursley chums, John, was trying to open a database file in Lotus Notes 8. The file had been sent to him in the One Note Database (OND) format, which hasn't been core to Lotus Notes for a year or two.

Thankfully, John was able to open it, after a small amount of effort, and wanted to share his pain :-)

1. Detach the OND file (called ENCAP2.OND) to your machine.

2. Switch to the Notes workspace.

3. For the .OND file, add the database icon to the workspace.

      a. Select File - Database - Open.
      b. Choose the ENCAP2.OND file and then click Bookmark.
      c. Add it to a folder tabs on your workspace.

4. Turn the ENCAP2.OND file into a Notes database by adding the .NSF extension.

      a. From the menu, select File - Database - New copy.
      b. Change the extension of the new file from .OND to .NSF.

5. Replace the design of the new file, ENCAP2.NSF, with the mail template. :

      a. From the menu, select File - Database - Replace Design.
      b. Choose Mail  and then click Replace.

6. Open the database and change to the All Documents view.

Easy when you know how .....

PS When I first saw the letters "OND", I thought they read "OMD" and started thinking about that great electropop band from the 1980s ........


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

There's a *slightly* quicker way of doing this:

1) save the OND and rename it with an NSF extension. As you do this, copy the filename i.e. encap2.ond.nsf

2) to open the database and paste the filename

3) Click through the 7 or 8 error messages that you get.

4) Done

The replace design step is, though, more elegant :-)

Dave Hay said...

Cheers, Simon, will pass along your comments to my colleague, John, in Hursley

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