Thursday, 18 November 2010

Customizing IBM Lotus Domino V8.5.x to auto-zip mail attachments

Lotus Domino is a robust and scalable platform that can be used for the mail messaging requirements of an enterprise. A Domino administrator has different options to choose from when assigning a mail client to the end user; for example, the following types of clients are configurable with the Domino mail server: -

  • IBM Lotus Notes clients
  • IMAP clients, such as Microsoft® Outlook Express
  • POP3 clients
  • Lotus iNotes
  • IBM Lotus Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook clients (last release was 8.0.2)

The default mail template supplied with Lotus Domino can be customized by use of Lotus Domino Designer per the requirements of an organization. This article builds upon this facility, explaining how you can customize the underlying code and design elements to automatically zip attachments, on the fly, in an outbound mail message.

The template used here is version 8.5.1, but the same code will also work on earlier versions, including V7 and V8, though there will be a difference in the line numbers in the script library. This article addresses only the following use cases:
  • Lotus Notes clients
  • Lotus iNotes

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