Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Problems installing Lotus Quickr Services for Lotus Domino 8.5

During an installation of Quickr 8.5 onto Domino 8.5.1 FP3, I saw the following exception:

Processing directory /local/notesdata/domino/html/qphtml/../85010
An unexpected error occured during post-install processing:
The qrdpreview library is missing from the install.
Please contact IBM Technical Support.

Died at (eval 33) line 459.
/tmp/server/tools/lib/ line 1031
The installation failed for the local host.

I'd previously seen this exception when I tried to install Quickr onto Domino 8.5.2, which I know is not a supported platform, as per: -

Lotus Quickr 8.5 for Domino System Requirements - Linux

which states: -

Domino Lotus Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 3 Interim Fix 2 or later
All Applicable OS Lotus Domino 8.5.1 (32-bit only)

So I have FP3, and am now trying to obtain IF2: -

Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 3 Interim Fix 2 (8.5.1 FP3 IF2) - Quickr 8.5 ECM Support

I've subsequently downloaded and installed IF2 which is now included in 851FP3HF434-linux.tar but to no avail.


Rob Novak said...

What flavour of Linux? We've installed on SLES and OpenSUSE without this issue (and without the IF2 as we weren't working on ECM for that one).

Dave Hay said...

Ubuntu 10.10 :-)

It looks to be a problem with the KeyView Librarys; not yet sure where, but that's where I'm looking.

It's worked before, so I know it's something I'm doing wrong, rather than purely being an unsupported platform.

mitch123 said...


Same problem here on CentOS 5.5 and RHEL 5.5. Have you searched into this thing? maybe found a solution ?

Dave Hay said...

@Mitja - it works for me on RHEL 5.5. The only OS on which I see the exception is Ubuntu 10.10 which is NOT formally supported.

I've put the question out to the wider Quickr team, and will report back if/when I get any further.

mitch123 said...

It just doesn't seem to work for me on CentOS 5.5 64bit (2.6.18-194.el5 kernel). The versions of Domino that i've tryed so far to install Quickr on are 8.5.1, 8.5.1 FP2, 8.5.1 FP3 and 8.5.2 - i even tryed the 8.5.1 FP3 IF2 - same thing. All instalations fail with exactly the same error as yours.

How did you manage to install Quickr on RHEL 5.5, which version of domino do you use?

Dave Hay said...

@Mitja - I'm using Lotus Domino 8.5.1 ( no fixpacks yet installed ) on an up-to-date version of RHEL.

mitch123 said...

@Dave - i would like to thank you for your help on this issue!

In case you get some additional information i would be very thankful if you would share it with us.. ;)


Dave Hay said...

@Mitja - thanks, I'd also suggest that you raise a PMR with IBM Support for the Red Hat platform as that is, I believe, supported.

Dave Hay said...

I think I've cracked it. On my Ubuntu box, I have Domino 8.5.1 *and* Notes 8.5.2 installed under /opt/ibm/lotus. I reckon this is causing the confusion.

I reinstalled Domino 8.5.1 into /opt/ibm/lotus/domino851/ and installed Quickr into /opt/ibm/lotus/domino851/lotus and I now get: -

The installation completed successfully.

Please be sure to enable Java servlet support
for this server before running Quickr.

Please be sure to login as the appropriate UNIX user
before running Quickr - Do not run as root.

which is nice.

The thing that gave it away was that my debug lines in -

print $qrdkv_dir;
print $qrdkv_path;

returned different values: -


and I have: -

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 43608825 2010-05-20 22:32 /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/85020/linux/qrdkvexp/
-rwxr-x--- 1 10537 6003 43608825 2010-05-20 22:32 /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/85010/linux/qrdkvexp/

Therefore, I'm assuming that the Quickr installer was getting a bit confused ?

mitch123 said...

wow, wonderful - happy it works!!

i've looked into your solution but it was really strange to me because i do not have a Notes instalation in /opt/ibm/... only Domino, so i digged into a and couple lines before 1031 told me that there was a $qrdkv_path problem as you also said ...

i checked the 1024 line:
$qrdkv_path = `$Sys::find $domino_program_dir -name $qrdkv_filename`; chomp($qrdkv_path);

..and executed a "find" command as written above to find qrdkv path in domino_program_dir which you assign during the install, i assigned /opt/ibm/lotus - there was no result!! the file was not found because the find command does not automatically follow symlinks - you'd have to put the -L parameter.

Therefore i changed the domino_program_dir during the installation and used directly /local/lotus and the installation was successful!!

yup - stupid mistake well anyway as long as it is solved..

Thanks for all your help !!

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