Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Lotus Connections - Two new cool things available from The Catalog on Greenhouse

My IBM colleague ( and general guru ), Luis Benitez, has recently added a rather cool tool to the  Catalog: -

IBM community newsletter generator plug-in for Lotus Connections

This plug-in allows you to generate a newsletter for any given Lotus Connections community directly from your Lotus Notes / Sametime / Symphony client.

Now I have used a version of this tool on the IBM-internal deployment of Connections, known as W3, and it's rather neat. The tool automagically trawls a given Community and generates a nicely formatted ready-to-send newsletter that you can then mail out to your Community members, in case they don't have time to review the Communities of which they are a member, either via the UI or via an ATOM/RSS feed.

I'll download and try this plugin, and report back.

In related news, another very smart IBMer, Suneil Berajawalasuneil, has created the: -

IBM Lotus Greenhouse masthead controller plugin for Firefox

Have you ever tried to demonstrate a Lotus product on the Lotus Greenhouse website and the audience of your demo was confused by the extra Lotus Greenhouse menus on top of the product menus?  Well, now you have a solution.  Using Greasemonkey for Firefox, you can now run a script that allows you to hide the masthead while demonstrating products on Lotus Greenhouse and then turn it back on again when your done!!

I've not yet had a reason to use Greasemonkey, but it sounds like yet another Firefox plugin without which I cannot love :-)

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Luis Benitez said...

Thanks for sharing!!

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