Thursday, 25 November 2010

IBM community newsletter generator plug-in for Lotus Connections

Following up on my recent post, this plug-in allows you to generate a newsletter for any given Lotus Connections community directly from your Lotus Notes / Sametime / Symphony client.

Having used it a few times today, words can't begin to express how awesome this is - the ability to look at any of my communities ( of which I'm a member of many many fine communities ) and, at the click of a mouse button, generate a newsletter ( in nicely formatted HTML ) which can then be pasted into an email or blog post or, and you'll like this bit, be inserted directly and automatically into the community blog itself.

Other than that, I can also get metrics about my communities: -

Blog entries 191
Unique blog entry contributors 15
Average blog entries per community member 3.131
Average blog entries per contributor 12.733
Blog views (all time) 3973
Blog comments 0
Unique blog comment contributors 0
Average blog comments per community member 0

and .... even better ... launch any one of the communities out of the Notes sidebar straight into a web browser - I use Firefox, but your browser of choice, including Notes, can be used to navigate directly into the community.

Thanks, Luis, you rock :-)

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