Friday, 26 November 2010

Success installing Lotus Domino 8.5 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5

I've had this problem a few times in the past, and either worked around it, or solved it and forgot how :-(

In preparation for my Lotus Connections 3.0 installation, I've been trying ( and failing ) to install Lotus Domino 8.5 onto a VMware image of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5.

The error that I see is: -

Error: The installer is unable to run in graphical mode. Try running the installer with the -console or -silent flag.

when I run: -


I'd tried logging the installer in log mode: -

/tmp/linux/domino/install -is:log /tmp/foobar.txt

but, apart from showing me the detail of what was going on: -

Executing launch script command: "/tmp/isjykAnI6/jre/bin/java" -cp "":"setup.jar":"" -Dtemp.dir="/tmp" -Dis.jvm.home="/tmp/isjykAnI6" -Dis.jvm.temp="1""" -Dis.launcher.file="/tmp/linux/domino/tools/setupLinux.bin" -Dis.jvm.file="/tmp/isjykAnI6/jvm" -Dis.external.home="/tmp/linux/domino/tools"   -Xms20m -Xmx1024m  run  "-G" "overwriteJVM=yes" in working directory /tmp/linux/domino/tools

it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

Googling around, I found this: -

Error when installing WebSphere Message Broker for Linux x86 V6.0

which helped me, although the author still appears to be struggling :-(

As part of his PD routine, he'd installed two RPMs: -

yum install
yum install

I tried the first ( ) but that didn't help.

I then tried the second ( ) and .... voila, the installer launched as it should, and I was good to go.

Will contact the author of the blog post, and thank him for helping me out of a hole :-)

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