Sunday, 21 November 2010

IBM Content Templates Catalog

Following up from my earlier  blog post about the CTC, there's a useful article on the Wiki here:  -

The goal of the IBM Content Templates Catalog (CTC) is to demonstrate the range of modern site designs that can be accomplished on the basis of the IBM portal and content management technologies, and to show how it can be done. To support this goal, the CTC provides three main areas that you can apply directly to your web designs:

1. A catalog area that offers ready to use web building blocks for customer sites. These building blocks realize modern patterns featuring commonly required content types and assets.

2. A jump-start area for rapidly integrating the selected CTC assets into a pre-existing site, or the development of new sites from scratch based on CTC assets; and

3. A sandbox area, which provides a 'playground' for first steps, and experimentation, as well as for easy comparison and selection of alternatives.

The CTC also provides the core technology and the quality assured implementation on which all Toolbox Industry Templates that are available on the market today build their WCM modules. The context of the Industry Templates demonstrates that the CTC core technology can be well integrated into larger web landscapes. But even as a stand-alone offering, the CTC provides unique support for straight forward web site creation.

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