Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Precompiling JSPs in order to speed up WebSphere Portal 7

This comes from via Sonia Malik on Twitter, and looks to be a rather useful tip that I probably did not, but ( as ever ) had forgotten: -

WebSphere Portal Server Guru, Sal Pece, provides this quick tip on how to improve the first-time run performance of your WebSphere Portal Server pages. The tip is demonstrated for WebSphere Portal Server 7, but it also applies to WPS 6.1 as well.

How To Speed Up WebSphere Portal Server 7 After the Initial Installation

When any version of WebSphere Portal is first installed, there is always a significant load time for each JSP page.   The poor load time is attributed to the fact that each JSP page must be compiled the first time it is accessed.  To avoid the delay, execute the precompile-jsp command.

1. Open a command line and navigate to the following directory:


2. Execute the following command (all on one line)

ConfigEngine.bat precompile-jsp –DwasUser=wasadmin –DWasPassword=wasadmin

3. 28 minutes later (although your mileage may vary)…


The script completed successfully and I’m happy to report there was a noticeable improvement in performance when browsing through WebSphere Portal Server 7 pages for the first time.

I'm running the script on my WebSphere Portal Express v7 VMware image now and will report back ....

*UPDATE* It took 31 minutes 8 seconds on my VM; will now see if WP is any faster :-)

Thanks to Sal for creating, and to Sonia for sharing ....

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