Monday, 22 November 2010

Like books, want to pay less ?

If so, you may find these two sites to be of use. I buy and read a lot of books; real, paper books, with covers, pages, spines etc.

However, I don't always want to pay full price, especially if I'm trying out an author for the first time - this year, Alastair Reynolds and Iain M Banks have become new friends, but I didn't want to jump in and spend £15 on a book that I might just not like :-( airport purchases notwithstanding ( well, we've all done it; you get to the airport, with minutes to go before your flight, and grab the first book that you see ).

Anyway, here are two sites where you can get Second User ( better than saying Second Hand ) books: -

Oxfam - apparently, these folks are one of the biggest book sellers on the High Street, which is tough for the independents :-( - delivery is free *BUT* they'd like you to make a donation if you so choose, and you can select Gift Aid

Green Metropolis - unlike Oxfam, these folks aren't ( as far as I know ) a charity, but they do good deals on books - free delivery, £3.75 per book, occasional three-fer-two offers etc. *AND* they also buy as well as sell

Hope this helps .....

PS Did you know  that Oxfam stands for Oxford Committee for Famine Relief ? No, well, neither did I until quite recently. I guess that the full title was a little hard on shop sign painters :-)

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